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About The XO Network


The XO Network assists entrepreneurs by sharing business strategiess networks, and experiences via interviews.

Here, at The Xo Network improving the entreprenuer e-commerce business process is our goal. Our staff has experience, credentials, and skills in various technology and business management fields; combined we created tools for advancing entrepreneurs startups e-commerce journey. Whether creating a business strategy, implementing designs, search indexing, data researching, building brand awareness, social media managing, or marketing. This site focus is entrepreneurs. Check out the latest interviews, listen to full unreleased clips, ask questions, learn about different niches, and more.

Entrepreneur courses cover the subjects below, available at NO CHARGE visit XNMarket.

The XO Network provides multiple platforms for clients, students, or guests.

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Search Engine or Social Media Optimization: Optimize business website and/or social media profiles for search indexing and marketing prep.

Content Managers

Helps with website, social media, vlogs, or blogs? This option is best for post scheduling, customized tagging, mailing list, or absentee management programs


Green light your social media and grab attention for NICHE. Organic TRAFFIC focuses on views, followers, likes, and management of filtering genuine traffic.


Jump start your business idea or launch a LANDING PAGE, Video, and Opt-In screen. Offer downloads, trials, or private access. Great for mobile app releases, OTO (one time offers), and pre-launches.


Project missing a team member or experienced skill. Consult our staff for locating viable options.
Get recommendations that work!


Have a website or social media that you would like to earn from? Publishers generate BRAND traffic via sponsoring, cost per clicks, reviews, patreon, and/or impressions.


Got a blog, e-mail, and resources for moneitzation. Instabuilder, optional. Connect your niche with viewers. Discuss topics, ads banners, network with related entrepreneurs.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization(SMO), Social Media Management (SMM), Social Media Marketing (SmM), and Search Engine Marketing (SeM) Service.


Landing Pages


Brands Exposed


Projects Assisted




Glad for the help, will keep recommending. Almost ready for my interview

Chris A

CEO at Fitness with Chris

Went above and beyond service, thank you. Thanks for help setting up my biz.

N Daniels

CEO at FlirtVibez

Helpful and diligent, ready for more Auctions, assisted with LLC and forms. On my 3rd property over 20 tenants.

A LoveJoy

Lovejoy Ventures, LLC

XO Team Credentials

  • 2013-2017

    Bachelors Degree

    @SUNY Empire State

    Degree: Business Management and Economics.
    Concentratiton Project

    • @vxclusiv Education


    Management and Philantrophy

  • 2004-2005

    Associates Degree

    @TCI College for Technology

    Degree Networking. Obtained Certified Novell Admin and Network+ Credentials. Student Body President.

  • 2001-2003

    Associates Degree

    @College for Technology

    Degree Digital Media Design. Internet Security, Graphics, and Web Developing.

  • technical Experience

  • 1999-Present

    Digital Media Designer


    Design websites, graphics, coding, and database connections. Setup search engines, consoles, and mobile-friendly interaction. Back-up files. Search and social media management.
    Satisfy services for compatible browsing for global users. Manage websites for businesses. Improve traffic performance, audience retention, organic, and marketing strategies. Troubleshoot issues, networks, fix bugs, and monitor stats. Provide hosting, domain, support, and e-mail services.

  • 2004-Present

    Computer Technician


    Handle the day-to-day administration of an installed Novell networking product, and provide direct support to windows and mac users. Phone and computer repair, custom build, and maintenance, virus removal, remote support, network setup, servers, and operating systems.

  • 2012-Present

    Project Management


    Develop procedures or train entrepreneurs for retail, auctions, web development, property management, system management, training, e-Commerce solution, business credit projects, startups, expansions, reputation management, Among others.Registered Business Mentor for New York State.

  • Team Members

    Click for Profile

    Developer: Yassine
    Content Manager: Neo Basics

    Analytics & Technician - Swan Techz


Business Math


Novell Admin CNA

Youth Development

Microsoft Office

Team Resources

HTML/CSS - Yassine, Vxclusiv


php - Yassine, Vxclusiv


Social Media Optimization (SMO) - Neo Basics, Yassine, Vxclusiv


Flash/Animation - Yassine, Vxclusiv


Wordpress - Neo Basics, Yassine, Vxclusiv


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Neo Basics, Yassine, Vxclusiv, Drew



XO provides high quality services. Our MOST POPULAR services provided are listed below. Representatives assist with preparing website, blogs, and social media accounts uniformity:
Services are maintained for 45 days, support available for 6 months.


Create a channel, manage tags, description, niche targetting, sponsor requests, payment accouunts, activities.


Business instagram account, IGTV, audit, optimization, improved algorithms, 2-'DA', drive organic likes & traffic.


Analytics, Ads, Search Concole setup and Re-Marketing services.


Blog, SEO, E-Mail with Instabuilder

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications design, edit, and submission to Apple iOS or Google PlayStore.. Licensed Templates


Gain access to mentors of NY State Approved Programs. Visit #XNMarket


Sell online, connect with vendors, affiliates, and consumers. Prestashop setup

Web Design

Web design and webmaster services. Code, design, and traffic.


How much XO charges


$ 19
  • Choose
  • YouTube Channel
  • Instagram Business D.A.
  • Google Analytics
  • Wordpress
Choose This
Classic Plan


$ 49
    Choose Setup
  • e--Commerce Template
  • Responsive Web-Template
  • SEO Services
  • Mobile App Upload
Choose This
Creative Plan


$ 199
  • Includes
  • e-Commerce
  • Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Wordpress
Choose This
Phone number
Need Hosting or Domain?

Work Process



Create a plan of action for project goals.



Implement a strategy for independent low maintance.



Produce project for client satisfaction.



Project delivered, client hopefully recommends XO.


Efficient and effective
Visit Fitness wit Chris

Chris A


Recently started already more confident in being an entrepreneur.
Visit FlirtVibez .

N Daniels

CEO at FlirtVibez

Got a plan and its in motion.
Visit LegallyRobbed

MR William Smith

Founder of LR

Interviews & Portfolio

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Author Sincere Jones

Author Sincere Jones, CEO of Divine Lit Publishing

Dr. DeAndrea MatthewsS

Dr. De’Andrea Matthews, President of Claire Aldin Publishing

Derrel Noris

Derrell Noris, CEO of FreshTech Solutions

Trudi Parson

Trudi Parson, CEO of Opulence Travel

Tambra Clark

Tambra Clark, of Concise Credit Solutions

Demetria Dorsey

Demetria Dorsey, CEO of My DP Publications

AJ Johnson

Aunjane AJ Johnson, CEO of Destination Properties, LLC

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SEO Tools


VXclusiV, Director, The Xo Team

neo basics

Neo Basics, Content Management, The XO Team


Yassine, App Development, The Xo Team

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