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xoradio interview questions

XoNet & XoRadio Interview Setup

Average time: 20 - 30 minutes


  1. Introduction - Who you are
  2. Business Details - What company you represent
  3. Who is your audience? - Why is your product or service beneficial
  4. Business Featured Product or Service
    30 second break
  5. Discuss inspirations for being an entrepreneur - Why did you get involved/business
  6. Ways to network with others 'niche' related - How can others network with you
  7. Where to locate product / contact
    30 second outro

If time available - open discussion, new releases, experience story 2nd interview . with future date for updating traffic with a blog feature.

Our Audience: Entrepreneurs, business minded individuals, students, others.

Demographics: 90% USA 10% Other

Back-links - 4

Index Updates - 5+

Alexa ranking update

Cost $0

Guests are always welcomed and never charged

Business Details:

PLEASE Send links, description, hashtags, and images for landing page and blog to support@gramxo.com. Example

Questions you would like asked please include with business details.
Episodes will host on:

Audio ONLY interviews Call in 1-866-333-9748 ext 3

Video inteviews must be pre-arranged - via SKYPE, ZOOM, or Other.

Please, Arrive 5-10 minutes early to test hardware, voice, and review.


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